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Follow the instructions in the drawing.


Installation must be performed by a qualified professional.


First find a concrete surface for maximum effectiveness.


Use the UR630 as a template to mark where to drill the 3 holes.


Drill the 3 ø16mm holes with a depth of at least 10 cm. You can use a normal drilling machine with an adapted drill. We recommend to start drilling in a smaller diameter for accuracy and finish then with the ø16mm drill. Clean the inside and outside of the holes.


Detach the screw from the metal plug and insert the plug into the hole flush with the ground.


Place the anchor over the holes and with a nº6 allen key, screw it gradually as tight as possible, repeating the process several times until maximum fixation is achieved.


To shield each screw, place each metal ball in the center of each screw using a hammer and a metal rod.

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